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The Faces of Arachnoiditis:   Men, Women & Children ~ Arachnoiditis is an equal opportunity disease ...

International Congress - Chambery, France 2010: This event was absolutely spectacular. Never have we seen doctors, researchers and patients side by side sharing information ... all working together to find solutions. A most unique conference .... the first of its kind. A huge thank you to all, especially Claudine and Muriel! There will be more information posted as time permits. A video by Claudine is pasted in here:

About International Congress: Chambery, France 2010:

AARMOR in collaboration with Tarlov Europe Information organized in Chambery, France on July 2-3, 2010 an International Congress: Meningeal Pathologies and Neuropathic Pain. 

This Congress, the first to unite so many foreign personalities and international reputations, promoted the information of patients and professionals, and also to allow that new researchers may work towards finding new treatments in these pathologies: Arachnoiditis, Tarlov Cysts, Cauda Equina Syndroms (CES) and related disorders. 

Congress International Chambery 2010 – Arachnoiditis Lectures

Arachnoiditis:  Datas – Dr.  Jan Peter Warnke

The Neuromodulation Technique n the Treatment of Adhesive Arachnoiditis and Cauda Equina Syndrome – Professor Reverberi, Dr. Dario llesandro

Arachnoiditis  Through the Ages and Current Stages – Professor J. Antonio Aldrete

Can all these Symptoms be from Arachnoiditis? – Professor J. Antonio Aldrete

Experimental Animal Models of ARC – Dr. Romero Socorro

Radiological Imaging and Other Tests in ARC – Dr. Donna Holder

Blood in the CSF and it’s Consequences – Dr. Donna Holder

Epidural Anesthesia as Risk to Patients

Mini Symposium on ARC from Neuraxial Anesthesia – Prof. Hans Renick, Dr. Alfredo Ramirez, Professor J. Antonio Aldrete

What fails in The Failed Back Surgery Syndroms – Dr. Nora C. Godinez, Professor J. Antonio Aldrete

What is the Prognosis in ARC – Dr. Sarah Andreae Fox

Nutrition and Vitamin D as Treatment of ARC – Professor Gerald Mullin

 Prevention and Treatment Treatment of Acute ARC Plus Preliminary Observations in the Treatment of Chronic ARC – Dr. Alfredo Ramirez, Dr. Nora Godinez, Profession J. Antonio Aldrete

Note: There were other lectures on related pathologies that are not on this list.

Arachnoiditis USA was created to promote Arachnoiditis awareness, Arachnoiditis research, discover new therapies in an effort to achieve remissions and to support Arachnoiditis related organizations throughout the United States. This mission is extended to spread Arachnoiditis awareness and understanding throughout the world through attendance at international conferences to share experiences in hopes of discovering long overdue therapies for Arachnoiditis, Epidural Fibrosis and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (a "catch all" diagnosis which is, all too often, Arachnoiditis).

Arachnoiditis USA - Mission Statement

The mission of ArachnoiditisUSA is to raise arachnoiditis awareness, help fund new research, find new treatments and therapies as well as support related arachnoiditis organizations throughout the United States. 

 Mission Statement by: Karen Kovacik, The Villages, FL

Arachnoiditis USA
Arachnoiditis Awareness, Education & Research
168 Palermo Place, The Villages, FL 32159
Fax 352 753-9653